Spacing – The Key to Better Health for You and Your Family

Today’s urban woman is increasingly taking charge of her own destiny. She is competent in her workplace and runs her home with efficiency. The week goes by in a whirl of activity encompassing work- both inside and outside the home- entertainment, kids and the hundred and one things necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Homemakers, too have hectic schedules, balancing the needs of her husband, children, her own needs, as well as those of other household members such as elderly parents-in-law. Joint families create further demands on women’s lives and schedules.Despite this whirlwind of activity, one area that often gets neglected in all this frantic activity is a visit to a trusted gynecologist. A woman has to begin taking decisions with regard to her reproductive health right from the start of her marital life. She and her partner need to carefully consider their”> desired family size. If several children are desired then adequate attention should be given to spacing methods that best fit her health needs and lifestyle. Once the family is complete, she and her husband should then consider adopting a method of contraception that is safe, effective and hassle free for years to come. Thus, it is important to have the right information on the myriad of contraceptive choices.Increasingly various contraceptive options are available to couples during their reproductive years. Unfortunately, however, few couples are aware of their options and lack resources to gain such information. This is where the role of your gynecologist becomes crucial. He/she is the best person to consult for advice on the”> various methods, whether they would suit your body and your lifestyle and the pros and cons of each method, in order to make a well-informed decision.
There are many facts regarding contraception that you need to keep in mind before making a choice:* First, it is important to separate fact from myth! Your physician is a wealth of information concerning the most up-to-date developments in family planning.* Delaying first pregnancy and adequate spacing (ideally 3-5 years) is essential for the physical and mental health, development and wellbeing of you and your child.* Every person is different! Accordingly, every woman responds differently to every”> method of contraception.* Ease of use, discretion and convenience all differ for each method; hence, it is essential to find a method most suitable to your body and your way of life. For example, not all methods are appropriate for breastfeeding, and all are effective for different lengths of time.Health professionals are great resources for accurate, unbiased information. Nonetheless, couples should take charge of contraceptive decisions and therefore consult several sources of information, including the Internet. Finally, it is important for both partners to reach a consensus about this crucial decision that affects the health and wellbeing of the entire family.